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Deelay Ceelay gives every customer the same VIP treatment, and your website needs are important to us. We are dedicated to providing the tools needed to maintain and provide THE best content possible.

Creating and designing that website is just the first step to getting it up and running. Hiring the best web hosting company is the second step. Without a web host, it’s impossible to get exposure, have space to store data files and have a maintenance system in place to take care of all those data files.
After that, you’ll want to make great content! We all know how to write, but not all of us know how to make videos. We begin talking about videos and where to host them here. For now, I’ll dive into some web hosting talk!

What is web hosting? Web hosting, simply put, is a service that provides space on the internet for websites. It is the thing that makes your site visible on the internet. Deelay Ceelay first provides your site with a domain name, and you can’t get your website any visibility without first choosing the domain name, it’s like inviting people to your home without providing them with the address to find it.

What are the vital additional services a web hosting company provides and what is web hosting when it comes to the technical aspects? Web hosting services provide the place store your website’s data files on their servers. Things like email, graphic files and so on. The best web hosting companies offer various options in the amounts of monthly data transfers, various options in email, graphics and even security like anti-spam features.

There are four different types of web hosting services. The shared hosting, which is good for users who have a smaller budget. Virtual Private servers (VPS), managed WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting.

The best web hosting server’s provide 24/7 customer service whether by phone or real time chat. If your website has very specific server-side applications requiring the use of Windows like the SQL Server does, or a customer application written in .NET, it’s important to make sure the Web Host has Windows hosting. The best web hosting should also offer you a control panel that will simplify the server administration and website management. In other words instead of typing at the command line, you click the simply recognizable icons.

Initially most looking for a web hosting company will do an online search for web hosting reviews looking for the best web hosting companies. Probably the first two reviews that appeared on the search results page were a GoDaddy review and an iPage review. Let’s start with the first one.

GoDaddy reviews are typically positive. They offer lots of different options, and you can use it just to get a domain registration but get the actual hosting services elsewhere. DoDaddy although it provides actual web hosting if you go with their starter package you can find lower cost options for the same type of service from other web hosting companies, especially if you don’t have a need for heavy duty web hosting. Both have been in the web hosting services about the same amount of time.

iPage reviews are also positive, and if you don’t need that heavy duty hosting it is a better price for those who have of a less high demand need. Both companies provide live chat support, but GoDaddy’s is only available during certain hours of the day.

Finding web hosting reviews on any company you may be considering is impetrative when it comes to finding the web hosting company who not only can meet all of your website needs, but who have the highest customer satisfaction reviews available. With so many options out there, sometimes the biggest differences will be found in how their current clients view them and what they have to say about their satisfaction in every area a web hosting company offers services. It’s also important to consider all the different features between the varying web hosting servers.

Of course when considering which web hosting server to go with, you first will need to determine exactly what your needs are. Are you looking for the best web hosting company geared to small business? Do you need something that is going to offer you the best unlimited space (storage)? Or do you needs a web host who caters to those who work in WordPress for a simple blogging format?

Do you require a dedicated server, a shared server or VPS hosting? The type of service is one of the most important features website owners must consider when looking for the best web hosting company to meet those individual needs. There are many variables to consider in your search for the best web host out there.

Remember creating and designing a webpage is just the first step. The most important step after that will be to find the best web hosting who will not only meet all the technical aspects of managing your files and data, but one who will afford you the best customer service and ease of use.