If you are looking to host your corporate videos, likely you have considered a lot of options. Many businesses go through the debate as to what is the most viable option. One thing to consider is using YouTube as your host. Here are some reasons why it can be the perfect solution:

  • YouTube offers some great sharing abilities. You or anyone in your company, can reach YouTube with a computer and internet access. They don’t have to be in any specific area, or use any specific credentials to watch videos. YouTube is a public website so you won’t have any security issues to deal with.
  • YouTube has a great cost—free! You can pay for hosting on a server but why? When YouTube offers a free option that is reliable and effective, it may be the perfect one for you and your business purpose. Don’t think that free means low quality either. The video website is known for its HD capabilities and tag-able videos. Plus it can handle a good variety of video types.
  • Speaking of tag-able…You can easily use YouTube to promote your business as an added benefit to hosting your corporate videos. When you upload videos, you’ll be able to set tags to it. If your corporate video is about “leadership”, you can tag that. If your video is about “invoicing”, you can tag that. When people search for either, they will find your video. Some of the best marketing tools are completely serendipitous.
  • Sharing is simple. Sharing videos is built into the YouTube protocol. You can upload a video and easily share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, Wiki, LinkedIn, and Digg to name a few. This sharing can be done with a few clicks of a mouse. In today’s internet-savvy age it is important to use information across as many mediums as possible. This website makes it easier than ever to do so.
  • YouTube comes with a soaring popularity. Every month over 1-billion people watch videos on the website. It is by far the number one video hosting platform available on the internet. It also links with Google to help with traffic and search engines. With popularity like this, it is the perfect reliable solution to hosting any corporate video package.
  • Search and SEO features can be improved with YouTube postings. SEO is owned by Google so if you know how to use keywords and ad-words to get your content higher on search engines, the same tools will work with YouTube.
  • The video-centered website offers advertising. You can customize an advertising plan via the website. It has quite a few ad solutions available for businesses. These include linking to other videos, linking to promoted videos and video-ads.
  • Keywords are easy to target. You can use the search bar for real-time suggestions. These let you know what other people on the website are searching for. You can use this information when creating your videos and tag accordingly. For example, if you see “invoicing for small business” is popular, why not create your own? It is a great way to garner more notoriety for your business.
  • Repetition is no problem. Some corporations have on-boarding video packages for new hires. With YouTube you won’t have to worry about repeating any information. All you have to do is upload your video once and share the URL for any future employees to learn. In addition, if an employee wants to return to review information, they can do so whenever they want.
  • YouTube’s popularity plays well to pretty much any software. Regardless of how you record your videos, likely it will automatically integrate with the video website. This makes it easier than ever to use for any purpose.

Using YouTube to host your corporate videos is a win-win any way you look at it. There are enough benefits to the website that you’ll love the results, plus it has the ability to give you some added advertising for free.