The New Video Craze

They are not just for large online video platforms anymore! Websites are quickly becoming breeding grounds for new and interesting videos and. Of course that is how large online media platforms came about to begin with. So this really should be no surprise either. Though it may seem like it is just about the videos on the surface, there are a lot of reasons beneath the surface as well. With that said, there are a lot of reasons that you should get in on the craze and start posting your own videos on your website. Note – check out Full Frame’s video production at

The not-so-clear benifits

Well for one, extremely good your online visibility. Not only is a good thing to have a video posted to your website, but it is even better if you post it on Social Media, and it links back to your website which gives you more exposure. Once that video link is shared a few times, it starts to count for your website rankings. Having a video on your page is a good thing in general though, because it gives the page’s setup itself a better score. This will not make pictures a thing of the past, but it will do a little bit better than just have a few pictures on each page.

The best way to catch someone’s eye as they look at your page is not to make them just read through a bunch of paragraphs of information. Yes you should still have at least 300 words on each page for SEO purposes, but a video someone can watch and listen to will get you a lot farther. Especially if you make the video interesting, and intriguing. It does not hurt to entertain your website’s guests either. Not only is this good for advertising, but it is good for SEO in another way; keeping guests on your website longer. Ha! Is that a trap or what? And all you have to do is post a simple but good video on your website. We would recommend putting a watermark or something in each video though, so that your video cannot be easily stolen without you getting any credit in the stolen versions.

Have You Figured It Out Yet?

This is not some advertisement meant to get you to post videos to your website for someone else. You really should get on board with this idea. From the SEO purposes to the free advertising you can do with it, there really is no loss here for you or your website. No one should be left in the dust or the stone age, so consider it at least. It is a guarantee that this will become one of the new standards for good a good business, if it isn’t already.

But What Videos Should Be Posted?

Well it was said that it should be interesting, eye catching or even intriguing, but there is more to it than that, isn’t there? Of course there is. If you want a video to go viral, which should be your ultimate goal, then it needs to be have a few things. Some will say that videos go viral out of sheer dumb luck, but this isn’t true. Fact is that videos with a certain factor almost always go viral.

That factor is unknown. No, it is literally not knowing what is going to happen in that video, and then being very surprised. Say a video starts off normally with someone talking, and then a bucket of yellow paint and chicken feathers is dumped on their head. We are not saying you have to do that, but that is the general idea. Whether you want to make your audience angry, sad, happy or just outright laugh, the video can not be predictable. Or if it is predictable, it needs to have an added element that can’t be predicted.

Say someone walks by and makes a some off comment after the first person gets the paint and feathers dumped on them. That is the added element. Of course that comment would also have to invoke some kind of emotion. That is the real secret though to any good form of advertising, invoking emotion in your audience.

Once You Have All That Down…

Then you can start posting such videos to your website. Remember, that was just an example. You can do whatever you like with your videos, but remember to invoke an emotional response from your audience. Excite them, sadden them, anger them or whatever else it takes to advertise for what you want, or get the message you want out there. Once you do this, people might literally flock to your website.